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PUSAfan's official Presidents of the USA collectography

As creator and webmaster of, below is my Presidents of the USA collection all laid out. Unfortunately I had to miss a few things out as not everything would fit in the photo (I have 35 PUSA t-shirts alone)! My many many magazine articles, backstage passes, flyers, posters and ticket stubs are not shown, but can still be seen in the Promo Items, Ticket Stubs and Magazine Articles sections of the site.

Below is the main content of my collection. Click on the photo to get a closeup of that section (the big pic will open in a new browser window).

pusa tab books, cap and jacket vinyls, t-shirts and cds presidents of the usa, egg, chris ballew and early pusa cassette tapes pusa cds residents of the usa t-shirts and cds presidents of the usa cds pusa cds and t-shirt egg poster pusa memorabillia, t-shirts etc