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So welcome to my PUSA fan site! The Presidents of the United States of America have been my favourite band since discovering Peaches in 1995. Every since then I have collected everything to do with the band, whether it be CDs, records, t-shirts, postcards or even ticket stubs! This site is a homage to the band and contains pretty much all you would ever need to know about them. I moderate the PUSA Community Forum as Timmy Dub and have had the privilege of seeing the band 30 times now. I even wrote the band's setlist for their massive 2-day showdown in Amsterdam in 2009, which is a real testament to the their committment to the fans. I'll be expanding the site in the future so fans can interact and upload their photos to the wonderful PUSAfan photo page. Watch this space and enjoy browsing! Any questions or suggestions can be submitted via the Contact link at the bottom of the page. Please use the free Mozilla Firefox web browser to browse this site as it will be 100x better that way! Info on how to get it (if you don't already) is below...

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